Care & Learning

We understand the tremendous significance of children’s learning through play, and wholeheartedly believe that play is the key to unlocking a world of knowledge, imagination, and growth.

Within our nurturing environment, we prioritise ample opportunities for children to engage in free play. We celebrate the joy and wonder that comes from exploring, creating, and interacting with their surroundings. Our commitment to fostering a love for learning is woven into every corner of our nursery.

At our nursery, we understand that play is the cornerstone of learning. It is through play that children develop crucial cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. We are passionately committed to creating an environment where play flourishes, igniting children’s natural curiosity, and fuelling their thirst for knowledge.

Key Person

At Fledglings nursery, we have implemented a Key Person system to ensure the best care and development for your child. Each child is assigned a dedicated key person who takes on the responsibility of observing, monitoring, and planning activities specifically tailored to their needs. Your child’s key person is the primary contact for any questions, concerns, or discussions about your child’s learning and development.

Throughout each term, your child’s key person will compile a comprehensive Unique Child Summary to provide you with a detailed overview of your child’s progress, achievements, and learning experiences. This summary will also outline the key person’s plans for the upcoming term, aimed at helping your child reach their next milestones in learning and development.

Between your child’s second and third birthdays, typically around 2 and a half years old, their key person will conduct a thorough two-year check encompassing all areas of learning based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. They will share this valuable information with you, allowing you to bring it to your child’s regular check-ups conducted by their GP or Health Visitor.

While we adhere to the key person system, it’s important to note that all our staff members are collectively responsible for providing daily care to your child. For instance, changing diapers is not exclusively the duty of your child’s key person. This approach fosters meaningful relationships between your child and our entire staff, ensuring continuity and minimizing any potential anxiety in situations where the key person may be absent, such as during vacations or time off.