Age Groups

At Fledglings our children are split into three age groups which we refer to as the Ducklings (6 Months – 2 Years), the Goslings (2 Years – 3 Years) and the Cygnets (3 Years – 5 Years)

Ducklings (6 Months - 2 Years)

When parents leave their young children in our care they can be assured of individual attention from a dedicated key person. The physical care and routine of a baby’s day is a vital part of the curriculum.

We encourage parents to discuss individual needs with their key person  so we can devise a routine that you’re happy with and that keeps your baby contented. 

What We Offer Our Ducklings:

  • Dedicated Sleep Room – Your child can sleep as and when required to continue their normal routine. 
  • Individual Key Person – Your child’s key person will take observations and plan activities to help further your child’s learning and development, following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum
  • Self-Contained Baby Unit – We have a space for younger, non-mobile babies to play and learn with plenty of sensory toys and climbing apparatus available to help learning and development. 
  • Space To Play & Learn – Ducklings also contains a large, bright room for the older babies to play and learn, complete with areas for quiet time, role play, messy play and a kitchen where the children eat their meals. 
  • The Ducklings Garden – Our enclosed garden has toys and apparatus appropriate for the young children in our care.  The babies have regular access to the garden so they can play and learn outside throughout the year.  The staff also often take the Ducklings on nature walks around the grounds of the Ashlyns Hall estate.

Goslings (2 Years – 3 Years)

Goslings staff work closely with parents to help the children as they learn and develop, for example whilst potty training and transitioning to not sleeping during the day. We ensure that you child is stimulated and encouraged.

What We Offer Goslings:

  • Large Space for Play – The room is divided into several areas including construction, quiet/reading, literacy, mathematics and a large themed role play area.  The children are encouraged to participate in planned, adult led activities and also to initiate play of their own choice.
  • Constant Development – Each day, children take part in shared activities which help develop language and other early skills such as counting and colour recognition. They’re also encouraged to play a role in the domestic routine of the day, making their own contribution to the nursery group.
  • Outdoor Time – The Goslings children play in the garden on a daily basis, and staff also plan activities for the children to participate in using the large outdoor classroom.  The outdoor classroom enables yearlong outdoor play and learning to occur, even in the typical British weather!
  • Key Person – Your child’s key person will remain at the centre of curriculum provision, ensuring that the learning environment is designed for your child’s particular needs and interests. Though a key person will now have small groups of children, they maintain close relationship with each individual child. 

Each key person will complete your child’s two-year check, linking with the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  Your child’s key person will meet and discuss the two-year check with parents, who are encouraged to take the results to meetings with your child’s GP or Health Visitor. We work closely with parents to provide continuity in their child’s progress.

Cygnets (3 Years – 5 Years)

Our Cygnet children follow a slightly more structured day, whilst still strongly focusing on learning through play.  As with the Ducklings and Goslings age groups, the Cygnets follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

What We Offer Cygnets:

  • Independence – The Cygnet children are encouraged to be as independent as possible, in order to help ease the transition into schools.  The Cygnet room is set up in a more structured manner, with clearly defined areas for role play, reading and literacy, numeracy and creative play. 
  • Outdoor Time – Cygnets spend a lot of time learning and playing in the extensive garden, and using the outdoor classroom to enable year-round outdoor learning opportunities.  The Cygnets also complete nature walks in the grounds of the nursery, as well as regular outings to nearby areas such as Ashridge, Wendover Woods and Berkhamsted town centre.
  • Music, Movement & Language – Fortnightly sensory music and movement classes provided by Tiny Mites, and daily music activities run by our qualified music teacher.  We also offer French lessons during the term time.
  • Excellent School & Local Nursery Links – Fledglings Nursery offers a School Pick Up and Drop off service to local school nursery classes.  If you choose to send your child to a school nursery, we can collect them in our nursery vehicles, take them back to the nursery for a nutritious hot lunch, then your child will be able to relax and play with their friends for the remainder of the day.

We pride ourselves on having excellent links with local schools.  When your child’s school place is confirmed, teachers from their new school are encouraged to come and visit the children at nursery, and discuss their learning and development with each Key Person, easing the t:ransition from nursery to school for the children.