You want to give your child the best start in life - and so do we. Fledglings Nurseries provide a safe and happy environment where babies, toddlers and pre-school children receive quality care, individual attention and stimulation.

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Fledglings Nursery
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What makes us different

What makes Fledglings Nursery different to other nurseries is that our nursery provides quality care in an environment where children can learn and develop through play.

We pride ourselves on a high ratio of qualified and experienced staff. The environment is open, yet totally safe and secure. We do not operate a system of segregating children by year group into small rooms with closed doors as do many of our competitors. A recent television documentary highlighted some of the issues this system can raise; at Fledglings the staff can see and be seen, ensuring good quality of care at all times.

Our aim is to nurture confident, well mannered children, with an eagerness to learn, through the promotion of quality care, individual attention, stimulation and continuous development. Fledglings believe passionately in resolving the real issues that effect parents. For example, fully flexible hours and session times to meet the needs of working parents; close links to local schools including pick-up services and after-school care; holiday clubs for siblings. See additional services for further information.  French and music and movement are offered to children at no additional cost to parents.

Settling sessions are offered free of charge to all children prior to starting at nursery. Meals and nappies and creams are also offered at no additional cost to parents. 

All meals are included in the fees, and are cooked fresh every day in our nursery kitchen, which was recently inspected by Hertfordshire County Council and received the highest possible rating,  5*.  All our meet comes from the award winning Eastwoods Organic Butchers in Berkhamsted.  Our cook will work closely with parents to ensure any specific dietary requirement is met.  If you require any information regarding the food allergens in Fledglings nursery, please call and speak to our cook, who will do her best to help you.

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Responding to the needs of parents

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