You want to give your child the best start in life - and so do we. Fledglings Nurseries provide a safe and happy environment where babies, toddlers and pre-school children receive quality care, individual attention and stimulation.

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Key Person

At Fledglings nursery we follow a Key Person system.  Each child will have a key person, who is responsible for observing, monitoring and planning activites for them.  Your child's key person is the first person you should speak to regarding your child's learning and development, and any questions or concerns you may have regarding this. 

Each term, your child's key person will complete and share with you a Unique Child Summary, which willl explain what your achievements your child has made over the last term, how your child has been learning, and will detail what your child's key person plans to do over the next term to help your child achieve their next learning and development steps. 

At somepoint between your child's second and third birthdays, usually around 2 and a half, your child's key person will complete a two year check, encompassing all areas of learning from the EYFS.  They will share this infomation with you, and you will then be able to take this to your child's regular monitoring completed by either their GP or Health Visitor.

Whilst we operate a key person system, all staff are responsible for the daily care of your child.  For example, it would not necessarily be your child's key person who always changes their nappy.  This helps your child to form bonds with all the staff, and reduces anxiety if their key person is absent, for example on holiday.