You want to give your child the best start in life - and so do we. Fledglings Nurseries provide a safe and happy environment where babies, toddlers and pre-school children receive quality care, individual attention and stimulation.

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Ducklings (6 Months - 2 Years)

Children 6m - 5yrs

When parents leave their young children in our care they can be assured of individual attention from a dedicated key person. The physical care and routine of a baby's day is a vital part of the ''curriculum''.

We encourage parents to discuss individual needs with their key person so we can devise a routine that you're happy with and that keeps your baby contented.  We have a sleep room permanently set up in the Ducklings room, so your child can sleep as and when required to continue their normal routine. 

Having time to give complete attention to each child enables us to form close relationships and support personal development.  It also offers your child's key person the chance of valuable learning opportunities arising through one-to-one contact and spontaneous play.  Your child's key person will take observations and plan activities to help further your child's learning and development, following the Early Years Foundation Stage [EYFS] curriculum.

At Fledglings we have a separate, self contained baby unit and garden.  Within the baby room we have space for younger, non mobile babies to play and learn with plenty of sensory toys and climbing apparatus available to help learning and development.  We also have a large, bright room for the older babies to play and learn, complete with areas for quiet time, role play, messy play and a kitchen where the children eat their meals. 

The Ducklings garden has toys and apparatus appropriate for the young children in our care.  The babies have regular access to the garden so they can play and learn outside throughout the year.  The staff also often take the Ducklings on nature walks around the grounds of the Ashlyns Hall estate.


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