You want to give your child the best start in life - and so do we. Fledglings Nurseries provide a safe and happy environment where babies, toddlers and pre-school children receive quality care, individual attention and stimulation.

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What people say about us

the next best thing to Mum

"We cannot praise you and your staff enough - our son has enjoyed his independence, has obviously been nurtured in a secure and caring environment and overall is just very happy at Fledglings - thank you".

"...we are impressed with the quality of care our son has received and his overall development".

"I cannot thank the staff at the nursery enough for the help and support we have had since our daughter started with you. It is a daunting experience having to leave your child in someone else's care and from her first day we have never looked back. I have always felt completely confident leaving her in the very capable hands of your baby room staff".

"In the future I hope to be able to send my daughter to Fledglings so that she can enjoy the wonderful activities and gain the same independence and advantages it has given her brother".

"Thank you for caring for [our daughter] for the past three years.  We want to thank you for how you have helped her to develop.  You will never be forgotten as you nurtured her from being a small baby to a little girl full of personality"

"All of the staff are lovely and I feel very comfortable leaving my son here"

"The staff are always so friendly and welcoming, we look forward to our daughter spending more time here over the next few years"

"My son is thriving at Fledlgings, he's always happy to come, separates from me with a smile in the morning and is always cheerful at hometime.  I love the regular progress reports and can see the things he's learned here from the songs he sings and things he says.  We're so grateful for the care and affection the staff have shown"

"It is such a fantastic and caring environment....the staff here at Fledglings have been integral in his development"

"We are so pleased we found Fledglings, and can't thank the staff enough for their kindness, time and hard work which makes this nursery such a positive, happy and wonderful place"

"It is wonderful seeing [our son] playing happily when I arrive to pick him up"

"All her development needs are met and we are very happy with her progress...we appreciate everything you do"

"Our son looks forward to coming here each time he attends, his development and personality have strongly emerged during this year.  This is in no small part due to the attention, support and nurture provdided by the staff"

"I have been so impressed with the professionalism and caring approach of all the team, and know this has contributed greatly to [our daughter] having adapted to her new environment so well"

"My children have always been very happy and settled, and people always remark on how well behaved they are which I know is due in part to the fact that we share the same strong beliefs in manners and the importance of having fun as Fledglings does"

"It's really given us peace of mind to know he is safe and in caring hands"

"Thank you for making [my son's] time at nursery so fun and fulfilling"

"Both of my children really enjoyed their time with you amd have gained a great start to their school life"

"We can't thank you enough"

"[Our son] has absolutely loved being part of Fledglings and has made friendships that will hopefully last whilst under your caring wings.  We have watched him grow and develop with your help and guidance, he is now ready for big school!  We have been very happy to have you all as part of our family"

Comments from February 2016's open morning:

'having visited lots of nurseries in the area, Fledglings just sparkled!'

"such a lovely and well equipped nursery, very beautifully presented"

"it was such a nice and rare opportunity to be able to look around the nursery at the weekend alongside my husband, and to meet with your extremely professional staff"

"I was impressed not only by the generous rooms and well equipped inside the nursery, but also by the equally impressive outside play areas"

"Fledglings staff were professional, knowledgable and very approachable, I feel confident leaving my child with them!"

"the next best thing to mum"